Weimaraner Dog Breed Info

This breed has been developed with considerable care. It originated in Germany during the last century, from crossings of various breeds, including pointers, and was bred as a gundog. Ther German breed club insisted on rigorous standards, and only approved matings were permitted. Weimaraners only became more widely known during the 1940s, when the breed … Read more

Tibetan Mastiff Dog Breed

These large dogs bear some similarity to the St Bernard, although they were developed far away in Tibet. In their homeland, Tibetan Mastiffs were used to guard and hered flocks. They may be the closest surviving relative of the original ancestral form of the many mastiff breeds, which is thought to have been developed in … Read more

Saluki Dog Breed

These athletic sight hounds were originally developed in the Middle East and are of ancient lineage. Dogs of similar appearance were being kept in this region over 2,000 years ago, and were used to hunt gazelles, which rank among the fastest of all antelope. When they were first seen in Britain, about 1840, they were … Read more

St Bernard Dog Breed

The origins of this Swiss Dog Breed can be traced to the Hospice du Grand St Bernard, at St Gotthard’s Pass, located high in the Alps close to the Italian border. Strong and courageous by nature (though, sadly, rather short-lived), these large dogs were used to rescue stranded travellers. Around their necks, attached to the … Read more

Rottweiler Dog Breed

During recent years, the popularity of the Rottweiler dog breed has grown at a tremendous rate. Unfortunately, a number of people have been attracted to this dog because of its macho image and, sadly, serious and sometimes fatal injuries have been caused by Rottweilers going beserk, frequently because of poor training. This is actually an … Read more

Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Breed

The unusual name of this dog breed is derived from the raised line of hair along its back, which forms two whorls or crowns just behind the shoulders. The Rhodesian Ridgeback evolved in southern Africa, and this characteristic pattern reflects an ancestry that extends back to an old breed known as the African Hottentot Hunting … Read more

Pyrenean Mountain Dog (Great Pyrenees)

Better known in North America simply as the Great Pyrenees, these large shepherd dogs were bred from mastiff stock and served to protect sheep from wolves, being equipped with fearsome spiked collars to defend themselves. Later they were used to smuggle contraband across the steep mountain paths that separated France and Spain, being fitted with … Read more