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There are thousand of websites available on the Internet about the dogs and pets, but most of them are related to the veterinarians and those in the profession. Keeping this aspect in mind, we decided to launch dogcarehelp.com website where you will get the dog care information in a simple language for the benefit of the lay persons, prospective pet owners and those already having pets.

This website tries to cover most of the details and information on dog care of different dog breeds and aims to provide basic details, help and tips about the dogs. We also tried to supplement the information and details on the website with the help of pictures.

Human contact with dogs as companion animals began at least 12,000 years ago scientific studies suggest that all today’s dog breeds are descended from grey wolves (Canis Lupus), and bearing in mind that this species of wolf was formerly the most widely distributed of all mammals in the northern hemisphere, it seems likely that domestication began in several places, rather than at one single locality.

These early ancestors of today’s dogs were probably used for herding purposes once it was realized that they could be trained for this task. In appearance, they would certainly have been similar to the wolf but, as a result of selective breeding, differences in size soon became apparent. The grey wolf itself varies greatly in size across its wide range. Large individuals from Alaska may weigh 177 lb (80 kg) whereas the race that lives in the Asiatic steppes can be as small as 27 lb (12 kg).

By 9,000 years ago, in what is now the united states of America, a clear divergence in the size of the dog was already evident. Remains uncovered in the beaver head mountains of eastern-central Idaho have revealed both a dog similar in size to today’s retrievers, and a smaller version, which probably resembled a beagle.

This trend was to continue, and as a society become more stable, so dogs of different sizes were developed for specific purposes. The larger forms were used as guardians of a property while other, smaller types continued in their traditional role of herding livestock. In the orient, these directions arose at an early stage in Tibet. Ultimately, the descendants of these dogs, such as the Tibetan mastiff and Tibetan spaniel, have become known in the west within the last century or so, although they have a much older ancestry, possibly dating back a thousand years or more.

We would like to emphasise that this website is not intended to be used a substitute for a visit to the veterinarian which is a must. We hope that our professional knowledge and experience will benefit the dog owners and animal lovers through our website.